​​​​​​​It’s 1998 and 17-year-old Videoland employee, Hayley, has just come out... 
Sort of. 
She’s pretty sure she’s a lesbian, but she needs help figuring out exactly what that entails. Naturally, working in a video store, she has access to a vast library of films, but finding meaningful representations in those films proves challenging. Evil lesbians, ambiguous lesbians or just no lesbians at all - how is Hayley supposed to become the best lesbian she can be, when there are no role models for her on-screen? 
With the help of her best friend Tanya, store manager Mel and co-worker Daniel, Hayley must find a way to be herself, embrace her sexuality and impress the girl of her dreams.
Written & Directed by
Jessica Smith

Produced by
Scarlett Koehne
Director of Photography
Sky Davies
Edited by
Jessica Smith

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