Last Breath
Online Series
Director of Photography, Editor
Last Breath is a web series inspired by the stories of real Australian women executed or imprisoned for life for murder. Set in a grim waiting cell with just a chair, Last Breath is about the moment before each character is either brought to the gallows or about to be brought back into the courtroom for sentencing. 
They are in a state of limbo, that moment of breath before everything changes. GAG explores how the character feels right in this moment, what they want us to believe, how they want to be remembered and highlighting the incidents that brought them to this grim fate.​​​​​​​
Creative Directors
Jennifer Monk
Perri Cummings
Writing Coach, Script Editor
Perri Cummings
Acting Coach
Shanon Kulupach
Director of Photography, Editor
Laura Jane Turner
Production Companies
Girls Act Good
F Word Films
Episodes inspire by
Martha Needle
Katherine Knight
Catherine Bernie
Elizabeth Woolcok
Jean Lee
Louisa Collins
Martha Rendell

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