Mental Health Facilities. Funding Cuts. Family Dinners. Anyone has the potential to crack.

Traversing satire, historical horror and family drama, we see the resilience and humour of women through the ages as they try to navigate their way through mental health crises and systems. The flashes of joy and connection found even in the darkest moments - framed by a playfully, almost balletic set - give hope for a better future.
​​​​​​​Written by
Jennifer Monk & Lisa Dallinger
Directed by
Jennifer Monk
Jennifer Monk
Lisa Dallinger
Joss McClelland
Sophie Lampel
Laura Jane Turner

Presented by La Mama Theatre
Produced by Girls Act Good
"Slightly Cracked is a powerful dark comedy"
"Cleverly researched and written."
"The choreography is impeccably executed."

Weekend Notes

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